Couples Counseling

Do any of these seem familiar?

  • You and your partner are surviving, but not thriving. You want to feel less like roommates and more like you once did: connected and in love.

  • You'd like to stop stepping on eggshells with each other and use a safe space to help you start addressing areas of conflict.

  • You would like to explore ways to maintain your relationship while balancing other pressing concerns (work, family, health...).

  • You are ready for a communication tune-up.

  • You want to feel more understood by your partner, and you’d like to understand your partner better, too.

As a marriage and family therapist, my training and experience has shown me that people grow, change, and heal within the context of relationships.  Plenty of research indicates that humans are wired for emotional connection, and that connection makes us stronger - so it makes sense that feeling disconnected from a partner can be a distressing, painful experience, and healing within a relationship can be very powerful.  Let's work together to explore how you and your partner can increase your connection and discover new ways of being together.

 Couples counseling provides a space to recognize and reinforce what is already working in a relationship alongside explorations of the dynamics creating emotional distance between partners.  I primarily draw from Gottman Method Relationship Therapy and Emotion-Focused Therapy in my work with couples because they are well-researched, effective approaches that address specific challenges and strengthen the relationship across many domains of the partnership.

Every relationship is unique, and partners usually bring different perspectives about their experiences.  I strive to understand and support both partners, and to collaborate to determine the most effective use of our time together.  Reaching out for help is courageous, and i'd like to help you utilize that courage to increase your connection, grow together and ultimately, restore fulfillment within your relationship. 

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