Premarital Education and Counseling

Congratulations on your engagement!  Choosing to prepare for your marriage with premarital counseling is an excellent way to get ready for the work of a lifetime partnership.

Sessions are often a fun and meaningful experience that can set the stage for a lifetime of healthy communication and growth together. Couples who are newly married may also benefit from premarital counseling because it is an opportunity to begin having (or improve communication during) important conversations together. 

Couples typically meet for several sessions to explore strengths of the relationship and to discuss big topics that tend to come up in long-term relationships - things like beliefs and values, expressions of life goals and desires, stressors and changes that occur over a lifetime, and ways both practical aspects of life together and conflict are handled. 

Some couples prefer to meet over a longer period to spend more time exploring each person's family history, ongoing sources of conflict, and relationship patterns. 

Your relationship is unique, so we will discuss what you would like your premarital counseling to look like and what would be most beneficial for you. To help us learn more about the relationship you are building together and make the most of your sessions with me, I may suggest that you complete a questionnaire such as Prepare/Enrich* after our first meeting.  If you choose to use Prepare/Enrich for your premarital counseling, you'll receive a certificate of completion (that you can submit to your marriage officiant, if required) during your last session with me. 


Contact me to schedule your free, 15-minute phone consultation to see if I am a good fit for you:, or 425-357-7623



*please note there are reasonable, additional fees for Prepare/Enrich assessment materials.