counseling for Individuals

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Other people see you as a high-achiever, but your internal voice is uncertain or critical, and you'd like to connect to your confidence.
  • You'd like to restore your sense of purpose and move past the uncomfortable sense that life is running you while you struggle to keep up.
  • Your coping skills are ready for a tune-up and you'd like help to find what works for you now.
  • You want to feel more connection and satisfaction within the relationships in your life.
  • You are seeking a safe space to explore your experiences and find ways to get past the things holding you back from living fully. 

Maybe you’ve been in the habit of saying “I’m fine”, because you didn’t feel like you deserve or should need any help, although you recognize that we all encounter circumstances that are challenging to face alone.  Reaching out for help is courageous, and i'd like to help you utilize that courage to move forward toward gaining peace and fulfillment.

Healing starts by finding what isn’t working, and breathing into it with compassion, without judgment.  This exploration typically includes discovery of your resilience - the tools and skills you may not be aware you already have. We’ll then work together to help you resolve thoughts and habits that are no longer serving you well and add new tools to help you thrive so you can find peace and the freedom to create the life that you desire and deserve. 

My approach involves using evidence-based practices tailored to your needs to help you explore and clarify your emotional experience, restore your relationship with yourself, strengthen your relationships with partners, friends, and family, and reconnect you to your passions and purpose. 

I believe you already have the strengths and resources you need - they’re healthy parts buried deep inside of you, ready to propel you forward to grow into your best life.  I'd like to help you discover how to set them free.


Contact me to schedule your free, 15-minute phone consultation to see if I am a good fit for you:, or 425-357-7623